Sector support offer

The LGA provides councils with tools and resources to respond to challenges, present and emerging, and supports improvement across the sector.

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The LGA’s sector support offer encompasses a broad range of programmes based on what works for improvement: a strong, representative political and managerial leadership and workforce, support and challenge from one’s peers, the ability to benchmark performance against others, use of comparable data and the sharing of good practice.

The sector support programme is underpinned by four pillars:

  • Council improvement and peer support 
  • Financial resilience and economic recovery 
  • Leadership, workforce and communications 
  • Safer and more sustainable communities 

This sector support programme is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG).

A summary of support can be read in our
sector support offer for councils (2021/2022)

This support offer is shaped what councils tell us they need and guided by the sector-led improvement (SLI) approach, including the following core principles:

  • councils are responsible for their own performance and improvement
  • councils are primarily accountable to local communities
  • councils have a collective responsibility for the performance of the sector as a whole
  • the role of the LGA is to maintain an overview of performance of the sector and to provide tools and support.

This sector support programme is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG).

The LGA also offers a range of improvement support, which is funded separately, including the Planning Advisory Service (PAS), One Public Estate (OPE), care and health improvement, children’s services, culture and sport and cyber security. 

How to access the sector support offer

Local authorities can access support through our regionally based Principal advisers (PAs).

Principal advisers offer extensive experience of working at a senior level in local government and the wider local public sector. They specialise at a regional level and are the primary contact point for discussions with councils about their improvement needs and the support we can provide.